Domestic ViolenceHow does it affect me?


Violence that you are forced to witness or experience always has negative consequences.

Children and juveniles experience the violence inflicted on their mothers directly or indirectly. They see their mothers being hit. They hear them screaming. They sense the aggression and the fear. They feel the threatening atmosphere. Very often they are themselves victims of physical and/or emotional abuse.

Some people react with sleep disorders, headaches and loss of concentration. Others quickly get angry, are often depressed or subject to mood swings. There are children and juveniles who stop eating because they are so worried or start to harm themselves because they can no longer stand the pressure. Many hide their anguish because the situation at home is too embarrassing and they don’t want their parents to get into trouble.

These children are more likely to attract attention to themselves on account of their behaviour: they steal, lie, skip school, take drugs, or are violent themselves. Although it’s not always the case, such behaviour can be a result of violence they have experienced themselves.

"Violence that you are forced to witness or experience always has negative consequences."

You have an absolute right not to have to see, hear, feel or experience abuse. Violence is never OK. There are other ways of dealing with anger and disappointment. Everyone can learn them – including your parents!

There are ways out of a life of fear. We would like to show you the options you have for protecting yourself and obtaining help.


What is ...Child abuse?

Child abuse is emotional or physical harm done to children or juveniles by parents, guardians or other persons such as neighbours or relatives.


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