Niklas’s story"I miss my father!“

Niklas misses his father. His mother’s new boyfriend doesn’t want him to see his father so often. And his mother doesn’t object.

I miss my father. I can talk to him about anything.

He’s cool.

At the weekends we used to go together to watch football.

My mother’s new boyfriend doesn’t want me to see my father so often.

And my mother doesn’t object.

He’s so stupid!

He’s always complaining about something: ‘Tidy your room! Turn down the music!’ And so on.

He gets mad even when we just laugh loudly.

My little sister Anna cries a lot.

He’s been having a go recently at my mother.

She just puts up with it.

He shouts: ‘Tell your brats to shut up! They’re driving me mad!’

He once went really crazy.

My mother tried to calm him. He hit her.

Then everything was quiet.

‘I’m sorry,’ he said. ‘But with all this chaos, I couldn’t help it.’

Mum cried.

Anna asked me if it was her fault. I said: ‘No, of course not! He has no right to get mad like that.’

But nothing has changed.

One evening the police came round. People on the street had heard him shouting.

‘It’s OK,’ my mother said. But the policewoman naturally noticed her black eye straightaway.

She suggested that he should move out and stay away for a couple of weeks.

I think that’s great.

I wish my mother would leave him.

Today I’m going to call my dad.