TestIs my family OK? Question 2

Have you ever seen one of your parents hitting, pushing or kicking the other?

Answer: Yes!

Hitting, kicking and pushing are forms of physical violence. If this violence takes place among adults within a family it is called domestic violence. Physical violence is never OK and is also illegal for that reason.

There is no reason in the world to justify hitting, kicking or pushing. It hurts, injures, incites fear and depression. And it has to stop right away.

Unfortunately violent people do not often agree that they should stop and seek help to manage their anger and aggression. For that reason it’s good for you to seek help. You are entitled to feel safe and well in your family and not to be afraid of violence.

Answer: No!

It’s good that the people in your family can deal with their anger and aggression without resorting to hitting, kicking and pushing.

Unfortunately there are also other forms of violence. We’ll be dealing with these in the next question.


What is ...Child abuse?

Child abuse is emotional or physical harm done to children or juveniles by parents, guardians or other persons such as neighbours or relatives.


What is ...Forced marriage?

Forced marriage is when one of the partners does not agree to the marriage and feels like they have been forced into it.